My photo of the 2005 V-Max and three Harley-Davidson photos of a
stock 2014 V-Rod appear below.  I now ride this V-Rod.  After watching its
evolution for 9 years, it is bullit-proof and with such a clean look that I had to own
this American motorcycle (Made in USA) with its 240mm rear tire and long raked
front.  It sounds like the Italian Ducati Superbike of 1979.   I put 7000 miles on the
stock 748S version of it.  The Ducati is known for its performance on the track and
(1200cc) and 122 for the V-Rod (1250cc) which uses a Porsche-designed engine.  
The V-Rod is domesticated compared to the V-Max which required high throttle
control.  Often a slip of the wrist made me sweat and blurt-out, Whoa Boy!  At-times
I would go home earlier than planned.
Motorcycle Photos
Motorcycle Playlist
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(V-4, 1200cc) with the 4-into-4 Cobra slashcut exhaust.     

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